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Insurgency in India s North-East : Internel Crisis and Cross Border Links

Kanwar Deep Singh


  1. Research Scholar, Department of Political Science, Panjab University, Chandigarh, (Punjab), INDIA


Threat perceptions, historical animosities and the fear of losing their own identity and the autonomy have shaped the attitude of the neighboring States towards India. Islamic separatists in Jammu and Kashmir and Ethno- Nationalists groups in the North east   have fought with successive Indian Governments to pursue their respective objectives. State and non-state elements in India’s neighborhood have been supporting insurgency in the North-East to weaken the Indian state. Dimensions of these conflicts have impinged on the domestic and foreign scenario with intense ramifications for regional security and prosperity. Frequently, it has been shown that indigenous populace with support from foreign States and elements have been involved in these domestic conflicts. These External Support structures have played a vital role, acting as launching pads for these perpetrators of violence. This paper aims to provide an assessment of the strategies that the regional power India has been pursuing in its interaction with its smaller neighbors in the field of foreign and security policy. Sanctuaries for these groups which operate against India have existed in Pakistan on India’s Western Front; Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh on the country’s Eastern Front.  This paper also attempts to analyze and highlight the nature and pattern of support derived from various external powers in sustaining insurgency in the North-Eastern region of India.

Insurgents, Separatism, Sanctuaries, Cross- Border Support, Militant Organizations, Military Operations.