IJSP is an International, Peer Reviewed/ Refereed, Indexed, Open Access, Online Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. 10 Golden Years of the regular Publication Call for Paper : IJSP invites Research articles, View Papers, Short Communications, Book Reviews etc for Vol 11(02):2024 Timeline for Vol 11(02):2024 Proposed Publication Date (Online): 31 July 2024, (Print): 15 August 2024 Last Date of Submission: 31 May 2024

Aims And Scope

Indian Journal of Society and Politics is an international, peer reviewed, multideciplinary, biannual, bilingual journal of Arts and Social Sciences. This journal aims to promote all areas of the Arts and Social Sciences across the world as well as whole knowledge world.

The scope of this journal is therefore necessarily broad to cover the recent innovations in Arts and Social Sciences field. It offers valuable opportunity of rapid publication of research papers, and article related to any aspect of Political Science, International Relations, Public Administrations,History, Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Geography,Military Science,Music and Mass Communication etc, Original Research Papers, Short Communications, Review Articles, Articles of current issues, and book reviews are invited for publication. After commencement journal has special focous on the issues in the field of Political Science, International Relations and burning Social Issue.

The Journal will be regularly published and issued biannually. The journal promotes an open access policy and adheres to open access principles as set out in the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing. The Indian Journal of Society and Politics has significant global exposure, with both authors and reviewers drawn from a national as well as international background.


The Issue published regularly in print version as well as in online version biannually in the month of February and August.

Special Issue

Special Issue based on specific themes are published at the suggestion of the executive committee of Winsome India Educational Trust and members of the Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Society and Politics..

Accepted Language

English and Hindi

Address For Correspondence

Dr Dharmendra Pratap Srivastava
Chief Editor, Indian Journal of Society & Politics
C/O K N Singh,
513,Church Compound, Sahadatpura, Mau-275101 India
Tel:91 9452166316, 91 9140552409
Email- editor@ijsp.in, ijsp141@gmail.com