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Changing Dynamics of International Law in Post Cold War Era

Tripuresh Pathak


  1. Research Scholar, Department of Political Science, University of Allahabad.(U.P.) INDIA


The aim of this paper is to evaluate new challenges to development of International Law in Post-Cold War period. It is contended that some great opportunities have been opened for rapid progress of International Law due to Global interdependence in economic, technological sectors and global impact of Environmental Pollution. The paper will discuss theoretical implications of crystallization of amorphous contents of International Law in the light of Realist, Liberal and Constructivist Theory. The paper will also challenge the extremity regarding existence of sovereignty in International Relations. It is stated that more focus need to be on divergences and convergences in interests of individual states and humanity in light of threat of technological destruction and environmental pressure. The paper will focus on the impact of hegemonic actor on functioning of International Law. The dynamics of Nuclear Proliferation and its role in distribution of power among major players will also be briefly discussed. The large scale damage to life and property in form of civil wars and genocides will be briefly evaluated to understand if there is any progress in sanctity attached to each and every human life in real conduct of international relations.

Crystallization of International Law, Relative Universality of Law, Amorphous nature of International Law, Hegemonic Dictation of Policy, Limits of Sovereignty, Technological Exploitation of Law, Natural Law, Constructivism, Ecological Critique of International Law, Non-State Actors.