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Centralization of Federalism

Rugved Gadge, Chitresh Kumar Sharma


  1. Scholar, Bachelor of arts, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, INDIA
  2. Scholar, Electronics and Communication Engineering, APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University Noida,  INDIA


The topic we will be analyzing in our research paper is a vital clog in a wheel of different political systems operating throughout the world. What we showcase in our study is a recurring phenomenon in the political lives of the nations. But where we differ in the viewpoint is the reason behind the emergence of the power concentration in well-established systems and the expected outcomes and methodologies these regimes tend to employ to prolong their rule. There are different manifestations in different parts of the world but there is something similar that pervades the phenomenon all over. That has been discussed in detail in our study which tries to bring about coherence and study similar techniques through which centralized power tries to perpetuate their hold on power. Our observation has been derived from the current scenario of the nation-state system as well as the role played by historic events in the unfolding of the political exigencies at times. The moot point of our research is the dismantling of the established power structures by the varying degree which ultimately leads to damage to the power distribution among the constituent units of the state.

Centralization, Federalism, Constitution, Power