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Regional Security and State Identity : A historical Analysis of Pakistan s Fight With Fanatism and Radicalism

Sajid Khan


University of Chitral, PAKISTAN.


This paper narrates the contemporary state of affairs of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It focal point is about few fundamental domains: Pakistan's national character, its fight against radicalism and the Pakistan’s territorial safety. It explains how the country’s existing issues related to fanaticism, radicalism and unpredictability are essentially the outcome of its uncertainty about National character. Due to this contrasting National character of Pakistan which resulted its breaking, by way of few demanding for a liberal democracy while the so called fundamentalists wishing for a state based on rigid Islamic ideology. The current research work will analyze, that such misunderstanding leads to negative consequences as the Nation turns out to be the focus of an additional degree of dangerous violence, categorically the north-western region of Pakistan. The strength of the nation has undoubtedly jolted by this caliber of fundamentalism and resulted to a shift in various aspects of the country's affiliation with its neighbors. With all the political heads keep on playing the religious cards. We hope to show that the existing issues and uncertainties in the country are in the long run covering up Pakistan’s national character, which in return has exaggerated the country’s present-day national and foreign strategies. And keeping in mind the new Global trends for prosperity and development, what must be the more feasible and only way of action in order to put the Nation on the track of sustainable development without harming relationships with the neighboring countries with whom Pakistan have ever-lasting hostile relations.

Islam, radicalism, regional security, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence, state identity, geo-political importance, future course of action